Want to know which is the best vacuum cleaner manufacturer? Well, in this piece of writing we have highlighted the best domestic and industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Because there are numerous vacuum manufacturers people usually choose vacuum cleaners based on ‘Brand’, not according to the specifications, features, or price. Numerous brands manufacture very alike models with quite similar weight, power, suction, air filtration, cable length if present, battery voltage and dirt bin/vacuum bag size, price, and similar other things. Selecting among top vacuum cleaner manufacturer models usually means going into many details, information, and overthinking, which in the end means selecting according to personal priorities. Keep in mind that minor brands want to become large ones and hence are struggling to produce high-quality appliances at acceptable and reasonable prices. Their products are often cheaper than similar products of famous, large(r) brands.

On the contrary, large brands are large since they make good products at acceptable prices. Normally, if you are not sure about two products, check the assessment and recommendations of other people and, if you are not sure yet, go for a more reputable brand. Keep in mind that there are numerous vacuum brands on the market, in this article we have picked up some best vacuum cleaner manufacturer which manufacture vacuums both for domestic cleansing as well as commercial or industrial.

Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

The first domestic vacuum-cleaning appliance to be lightweight and movable marketed at the domestic market was manufactured in 1905 by Walter Griffiths, a manufacturer in Birmingham, England. Walter Griffith’s vacuuming device for removing dust and debris from floors and carpets resembled contemporary vacuum cleaners: it was movable or transportable, easy to store, and powered and operated by any one person, in particular, the ordinary domestic servant, who would have the duty of pressing a bellows-type button to suck up dust through a removable, flexible hose, to which multiple shaped nozzles could be connected.
SharkBissellDysonEurekaMieleiRobotHooverBlack & Decker VacuumLGPanasonicNuTone

Shark Vacuum Cleaners

It will not be incorrect if say that Shark is the best vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Shark is one of the most famous and commonly known vacuum brands, not only in the US but also in the whole world. They manufacture a full line of vacuum cleaners, polishers, carpet washers, and other cleaning tools, appliances and accessories, for both commercial and home use. Although Shark isn’t as well-known as Dyson or Vax, it is worthy of recognizing as an outstanding brand manufacturing vacuum cleaner. Shark specializes in upright/vertical and sticks vacuum that provides a broad range of proprietary aspects such as Lift-Away, Duo Clean, and True Pet.

Shark vacuum cleaners are owned by Shark Ninja Operating LLC. With a special anti-allergen complete seal and a HEPA filter, Shark vacuum cleaner effectively and properly works on any carpet and tough surfaces. If you want more inexpensive options for vacuum cleaners than Dyson, Shark is a great option with similar suction power and characteristics.


In contrast to Shark, Bissell has been around since the late nineteenth century. Bissell too has achieved once the title of best vacuum cleaner manufacturer. They started with the production of the Bissell Carpet Sweeper, and from that time, they have sold sweepers, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, and, of course, vacuum cleaners. At the beginning of the 2000s, Bissell embraced a new approach when it came to their vacuum cleaners. In place of making vacuum cleaners that were very common and standard, they focused a lot more on vacuum cleaners that would be able to easily and effortlessly vacuum up pet hair.
Nowadays, most of their upright vacuums are designed around that particular need. Most of them are described introduced as “Pet Hair Eraser” vacuums, which stand upright. These vacuums are unbelievably effective when it comes to vacuuming and picking up pet hair as well as dirt and debris. These vacuums are a two-with-one package. If you have pets that drop a lot, and you also want an upright/vertical vacuum that works surprisingly, then any of Bissel Pet Hair Eraser vacuums would be ideal for you.
Though, if you want an ideal upright vacuum, Bissell has many wonderful models that, while not having some of the extra characteristics that modern brands offer, are, nevertheless, fabulous. The ideal upright vacuums come with nice guarantees, a powerful motor, a power cord that is at least twenty-five feet long, and a multi-level filtration system. So, if you want something that has demonstrated, over and over again, to be effective, powerful, useful, well-built, and inexpensive, then any of Bissell’s upright vacuums should be taken into account.


Dyson is a British technology firm established in 1991. It has got many times the title of the top vacuum cleaner company in the world. Its vacuum cleaners are considered original products; it has currently expanded in over 65 countries across the globe. It is a specialized manufacturer of domestic gadgets such as vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hairdryers, and air purifiers. Dyson is a premium vacuum cleaner manufacturer that applies cyclonic technology allowing the air inside of the cleaner to rotate at very high speed. Thus, it is excellent in removing dust, allergens, and other particles from the air. 

Moreover, Dyson products include all the sophisticated features of one vacuum needed: advanced filter, quality motor, easily cleaner, user-friendly design, and long-lasting. It also features a broad array of types from handheld to canister vacuum cleaners.


A branch of Electrolux, Eureka was established in 1909 by Fred Wardell. Based in North Carolina, Eureka manufactures cost-effective upright/vertical and canister vacuums. Its top seller, Eureka the Boss Mighty Mite, costs less than $100 and weighs less than 15 pounds. It works as a vacuum for both outside and inside the home. In contrast to other vacuums, the Mighty Mite comes resourced with a blower port that can remove immovable leaves out of your garage and in the woods where they belong.


This German manufacturer is an expert in high quality domestic gadgets with the slogan “Forever Better”. With more than 110 years ago of experience you can believe in the lasting, maneuverable feature of Miele’s vacuum cleaners. Miele once was the best vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Most of Miele vacuum cleaners are canister style, which is appropriate for taking upstairs or rolling downstairs. With 1200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor and Electro Plus Floorhead, Miele vacuum cleaner forcefully clean all your house’s dust in any carpet in the five-level height of adjustment. Miele manufactures its special compact C2 Electro that allows comfortable increasing power efficiency to the selected power level.


When you are working all of the time and have children, taking time to vacuum can be a challenging task. This is where iRobot steps in for your help. Founded in 1990, iRobot uses groundbreaking technology to make autonomous vacuums that map rooms and accumulate dirt found in places that you are not able to reach on your own. iRobot was called by those best vacuum cleaner manufacturers. These lightweight vacuums are battery powered and can be monitored and handled using a remote control or smartphone app for some models. iRobot vacuums are best for busy homes with lots of children or hairy four-legged friends!


The Hoover Company established in the US then has developed in the UK, China, and Hongkong. Being an expert in floorcare, Hoover vacuum cleaner is popular for its affordable price yet great quality. The Hoover React line characterizes floor sense technology and multi-cyclonic technology that automatically regulate brush spin speed with no loss of suction. If you are short on money, but still want to own high-quality vacuum cleaners with advanced and latest features, feel free to search for Hoover.

Black & Decker Vacuum

In Maryland, U.S the company commenced in 1910 when two young guys Black and Decker opened a small machine shop. The company is still located in Maryland today and now sells hardware, power tools, home improvement products, etc. in over 100 countries worldwide. With respect to vacuums, Black and Decker are famous for their convenient handheld Dust Buster vacuums but they also manufacture kitchen scrubbers, steam cleaners and stick vacuums.


A South Korean company LG began manufacturing home appliances in the 1950s. It now has offices across the globe and annual revenues in the billions of dollars. The company is known for its appliances, especially television sets and smartphones. In recent years it began making vacuum cleaners. One of the most outstanding features of LG vacuums is the Kompressor technology which enables the machine to keep more debris and to dispose of it easier.


Panasonic Corporation is located in Osaka, Japan but it has a large presence in the US through the Panasonic Corporation of North America. It has been around 100 years that the company was established and is now one of the world’s largest electronics groups. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Panasonic presently sells both upright and canister residential units and upright commercial units.


If you need a great central vacuum system for your home, look no further than NuTone. These machines can cover residential spaces from 2,200 square feet to 12,000 square feet. Hard steel cover keeps motor noise at whisper-quiet levels and its anti-vibration mounts make storage in the garage of a basement quick and easy.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are cleaning machines that use suction to accumulate dirt, dust, debris, and waste material from industrial processes and other kinds of debris for dumping, recycling, or reuse.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are used solely by experts for building care and industrial working area cleaning. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be used for similar objectives, but they are characterized and distinguished less by efficiency and use in heavy duty cleaning processes as much as they are by the economy and use in light duty cleaning processes.

Industrial vacuum cleaners provide cleansing and air purifying assistance to operators in industrial applications like woodworking, metalworking, and other processes that produce a continuous flow of debris and dust. They step in where commercial vacuums, which operate and work at a lower level than industrial vacuums, just cannot perform the cleansing. Industrial vacuum cleaners are common in a broad array of applications, including commercial custodial, construction, allergy relief, and air quality improvement, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, furniture manufacturing, disaster relief/home reclamation, aerospace, and the automotive industry. In this article, we have picked up some top industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers to tell you about.
Anguil Environmental SystemsNational Turbine CorporationPullman-HoltNaceCareCR Clean Air GroupMulti-Vac IncIntellishare Environmental IncVAC-U-MAX

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil Environmental offers highly-engineered, environmental tools and service solutions that help clients solve complex industrial air pollution control and wastewater treatment challenges all around the world. It’s considered as best vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the industry. Anguil air pollution control systems consist of thermal and catalytic oxidation technologies in accordance with VOC, HAP, and odor regulations.

National Turbine Corporation

National Turbine Corporation has been making quality vacuum cleaners, since 1991. Their professionals have over 150 years of combined sales application, engineering, and manufacturing knowledge and are the main source for quality products.


For more than 85 years, Pullman-Holt Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have been transforming the vacuum cleaner industry. Pullman-Holt, actually established for the United States Navy, made products to meet government required work practices for asbestos removal. Taking that same degree of performance and applying it to personal and commercial use, Pullman-Holt industrial vacuums are famous in the safety/environmental, restoration, and construction markets.


NaceCare is long known as a leader for commercial cleaning. NaceCare Commercial and Industrial Vacuums feature increased soil recovery, reduced noise levels, and substantially lower energy costs. Good for overall industrial cleaning, NaceCare commercial vacuum cleaners have been verified by the QPS and the CSA which are accredited by OSHA as a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

CR Clean Air Group

The Clean Air Group is acknowledged as a leading manufacturer in the making of air pollution control technologies. Its line of products includes gas absorbers, wet scrubbers, particulate control devices, and more. All of its instruments are made to achieve 99.99% efficiency, zero plumes, and clean water discharge for nearly any harmful air pollutant. Whether your industry is chemical processing, agricultural, medical, textile, or aerospace, it has the expertise to solve the toughest pollution problems.

Multi-Vac Inc.

Multi-Vac is a leader in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry. It offers vacuums for a wide range of applications. The products Multi-Vac makes include central industrial vacuums, portable vacuum cleaners, and more.

Intellishare Environmental Inc.

The area of expertise of Intellishare Environmental Inc lies in fabricating, designing, and operating thermal and catalytic oxidization systems to control VOCs, HAPs, and odorous emissions for industry and the environment. It remained for many years as the best vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the industry. With state-of-the-art technology, it handles design, fabrication, and operations. For more than 20 years, it has manufactured thousands of solutions and installations, which goes to show that its dedicated and hardworking team can help you find what works for your application.


VAC-U-MAX is a vacuum expert, both for vacuum cleaners and vacuum systems for manufacturing needs. They create custom systems that will help you reach your industry goals- no matter what they are.


Vacuum cleaners become more and more heterogeneous with regard to type, design, function, and material. We have highlighted some pro vacuum cleaners. Hence, searching for the best vacuum cleaner manufacturer to find the right one for you may be an easier effort. Make sure that you search how your vacuum catches up dirt, debris as well as maneuver and the quiet operation features. Furthermore, accept your home and your priority such as pet-friendly, safety for allergy person. With a wide range, available prices from under hundreds of dollars to over thousands of dollars make sure that your investment is worthy.