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3 Best Wireless Chargers for Otterbox Defender

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A wireless charger offers you the convenience to keep your phone powered up easily. If you use an Otterbox Defender case for your phone then you know that finding a wireless charger that works well with it is a challenge. The Otterbox Defender case is known for its reliable protection, however, it also makes it difficult to charge the phone wirelessly. In this review guide, we will be reviewing 3 of the best wireless chargers for Otterbox Defender that you can buy online.

Best Wireless Charger for Otterbox Defender Review

  1. Anker 313 Wireless Charger

Our very first pick for the best wireless charger for Otterbox Defender is the Anker 313 wireless charger. The Anker 313 is a great choice for someone who is on the quest for a high-speed wireless phone charger.

What makes Anker 313 a great wireless charger for Otterbox Defender is that it uses the most advanced wireless charging connectivity technology. Moreover, it has PowerWave that can directly charge your phone through a protective case up to 5 mm thick.

In terms of design, the Anker 313 is one of the smartest-looking wireless chargers on the market. There is a simple black charging pad that looks very sophisticated and will complement your office or home desk setting. 

You simply have to power up the charger and place the phone in the center of the charging pad and it will automatically start charging. So there is no need to attach or detach a charging cable. 

Talking about the wireless charging speed, the Anker 313 offers a max wireless charging output of 10W. For most Android phones, you will get 10W charging while for iPhones, you will get 7.5W charging.  


  • Offers fast charging
  • Large charging pad
  • Portable and convenient
  • Slides off very easily


  • The light is too small


  1. Yootech 10W Fast Wireless Charger

At number 2, on our best wireless charger for Otterbox Defender list, we have the Yootech 10W fast wireless charger. The most incredible thing about Yootech wireless charger is that it offers you 3 different charging modes to charge a wide range of smartphones.

From Samsung S22 and Note 10 to iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 Pro Max, Yootech wireless charger can charge any phone with the Otterbox Defender case easily and fast.

Similar to Anker 313, Yootech wireless charger also offers you powerful wireless charging of 10W for most phones. Moreover, it offers you a large charging area so you don’t have to find the perfect charging spot. 

Apart from fast charging and great wireless charging connectivity, the Yootech 10W fast wireless charger also has multifunctional intelligent protection technology. The technology enables the charger for temperature control and short-circuits prevention along with surge protection for a safer experience.  

There is even a green LED indicator that will flash when the charger is powered on. Moreover, the light will turn off when in the charging mode so that you don’t get disturbed by light while sleeping.  


  • Super easy to use
  • Solid charging performance
  • Very durable construction
  • Connects conveniently 


  • Not very sensitive
  1. NANAMI Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charger

At number 3, we have another top-rated wireless charger that you can buy for your smartphone with an Otterbox Defender case, and this time it’s the NANAMI fast wireless charger.

The reason why we picked NANAMI fast wireless charger in our list is that it is one of the most powerful wireless chargers on the market right now and even a sturdy Otterbox Defender case won’t be a hindrance in its charging.

Talking about the charging capacity, the NANAMI wireless charger offers you 10W quick charging that is good enough to charge any latest smartphone fast. Moreover, the wireless charger is Qi-Certified which means that further enables the charger to charge your phone at much a faster rate.

In addition, the charger features a 2-coil wireless pad that allows you to charge the phone both vertically and horizontally. The safety and protection features of the charger are also quite amazing. The NANAMI charger offers you good protection against overcharging, overvoltage, and overheating. Furthermore, it features an anti-slip bottom silicone rim along with a raised support that offers enhanced stability for any desk surface. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Decent charging performance
  • Very reasonable price


  • The light doesn’t always stay on

Buying Guide


When choosing the best wireless charger for Otterbox Defender, make sure the wireless charger is compatible with both your phone and Otterbox Defender case. Remember that some wireless chargers may not work with Otterbox Defender cases as they are thicker and are made of certain types of materials.

Charging Speed: 

Always consider the charging speed of the wireless charger that you are buying. If you need to charge your phone quickly then look for a wireless charger that supports fast charging.


The Otterbox Defender case is designed to protect your phone from drops and impacts. Therefore, your wireless charger should also be durable enough to withstand rigorous wear and tear.


If aesthetics are important to you then must consider the design of the wireless charger and how it will look in your home or office. Some chargers have a sleek, minimalist design, while others are bulkier in size.


Always have a budget set in your mind and decide how much you’re willing to spend when on the quest for buying a wireless charger. This will help you in getting the best charger for your money.


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