Are you curious about how to clean laminate floors and maintain them looking neat, clean, beautiful, and great for years? Although your home laminate floors may appear as in good condition as hardwood ones, this is not to say you must clean them in the same manner. The most effective way to clean them is not the same method you usually apply to make glow oak planks. You should know that they require particular attention; the reason is that, not like hardwood, the surface cannot simply be restored if there are smears, spots, blemishes, and damages.

To prevent costly replacements, it is important to maintain and take special care of them. Either you want laminate floor polish or just want your existing surface to look as good as the day it was set up; here in this piece of writing you will come to know about vacuums for laminate floors and how to shine laminate floors as well as much more. Below are the instructions to follow:

1) You should follow the cleaning instructions

Prior to your plan for cleaning, consider the maker’s instructions. There may be particular recommendations for the type of brand or wood used. The majority of the concerned companies have elaborated product guidelines on their websites about how to clean wooden floors.


Laminate Floor Polish

2) Avoid blemishes to sit on it

Clean spills instantly as they occur. This is the best way to prevent stains and blemishes from taking place. It is obvious that liquids damage wooden floors; hence, it is important to reduce the use of water and other liquids around them.

3) Avoid applying harsh and rough instruments

You should know that harsh and rough devices (if any for cleaning) can scratch wooden floors. You might like to apply a soft-bristle broom, sweeping brush, or dust mop to sweep up dust and dirt. If you plan to vacuum, always apply/use special vacuums for laminate flooring.

4) You need to carefully mop them once every three months

In order to keep your house/office wooden floors in a new and good condition, you need to mop them once every three months. There are damp mops also know as microfiber mops which are sufficiently soft to apply to them. On the other hand, if you have planned to apply a regular mop, squeeze it till it is almost or entirely dry.

5) Prevent excessive use of water

Conventional cleaning with a mop is forbidden for laminate floors because the water can seep into the crinkles-kind and cause harm such as swelling or bubbling. Stagnated water on them even in a little amount can also cause staining or fading.

6) Do trim your pet’s nails

We know that pets roam here and there in our living rooms, lounge, and kitchen, etc. What you have to do is look after them and above all trim their nails and if you don’t do so, your dog or cat’s nails can scratch up your wooden floor.


Cleaning laminate flooring is not a difficult task. You can use detergents which are usually affordable. Keep in mind that you must not apply inappropriate tools, such as steel wool, steam mops, or other rough tools. At the end of the day, apply the tips and tricks we have provided in this blog.