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Dell XPS 13 Review- A Top-Tier Product!

The debate of choosing the new Dell XPS 13 is still the same. This product is the best choice for customers due to its unique features. For instance, it is a thin & light ultimate Ultra-portable device. As a result, this laptop is a real head-turner because of its premium manufacturing and appearance. The design is slim and attractive with a luxury feel and a titan gray finish. The product offers many features, but long battery life is one of the core benefit. You can use the option of a small external battery in case of a low battery. Even though it is not among the cheapest portables available, it has many users’ value. It is the top-selling product on Amazon

This blog post will describe the core features of the Dell XPS 13, such as a bigger screen, extra power, and many more. 

Dell XPS 13 Features:

One of the most popular Windows laptops is Dell XPS 13. These are small, robust products with slim bezels. It reduces eye fatigue with comfort view features. Here is the complete detail of the product with pros and cons. 

  • Touch screen laptop 
  • Sleek and beautifully designed  
  • It has 16GB of memory (4267MHz LPDDR4x)
  • Dual Fans with advanced thermal design 
  • BLUETOOTH WITH 4.0 Audio
  • With a 20% increase in contrast ratio over the previous model,
  • Latest intel dynamic tuning technology 
  • Long Battery life 
  • Log on with the power button 
  • A built-in Lid sensor 
  • Eyesafe Display
  • Connect with up to three displays at a time. 

Pros : 

  • Outstanding Portability 
  • Its design is attractive and durable 
  • World’s first infinity display 
  • It Keeps you energized for long days at work due to its battery. 
  • Lightweight and in the small form 
  • Standout keyboard and touchpad.
  • Wide viewing angles 
  • The soft-touch carbon fiber material 
  • Affordable 

Cons : 

  • When the keyboard is overworked, it gets hot.
  • Sometimes it becomes noisy.
  • Lacks numeric keyboard 
  • The limited number of ports.

In conclusion, the Dell XPS 13 is a luxurious laptop with long battery life and the best performance. As a result, some people may not be interested in purchasing due to the exorbitant price tag. You can get around this by visiting our website to buy the best Dell XPS 13 laptop at an affordable price. 



10 Best Ways To Find The Cheaper Items on Amazon

Amazon Deals








Are you searching for cheaper items on Amazon? Then Egadgetsly Amazon store provides many ways to attract customers to find cheaper items on Amazon, and most of them involve discounts on products and favorable shipping terms. One may not be very friendly because these methods work in the US, UK, or Canada. There are affiliate programs, subscriptions, and the opportunity to participate in the trade-in program for these countries. But the rest of the world can save a lot of money if you buy it right. 

This blog post will find out the best ways to purchase cheaper items on Amazon and save money on your favorite products.

Track Price Dynamics

When you want to buy cheaper Items on Amazon and have the opportunity to wait, use one of the services that allow you to view the dynamics of changes in the cost of goods. There are quite a few of them. The most famous are Camelcamelcamel (a free Amazon Price tracker) and the extension for Firefox and Chrome Keepa. You will find more original and excellent products in Telegram channels with daily updates “AliExpress finds’ ‘ and “Everything for a man.” When you enter a product URL, the services show you how the cost has changed. Watch and decide whether to wait for the best offer or buy now.

Look For Discounts

Another example of a large group of services is the Amazon Discount Finder. With their help, you can find cheaper items on Amazon without scrolling through hundreds of pages in the Amazon search results. They work on the same principle. Enter a group of products and keywords to search and indicate the percentage of the discount you want to receive. Enter as many keywords as possible so that the search does not offer you many related products. Secondly, you can set the maximum price you agree to buy the product. A service (such as will show you which purchases will meet your expectations.

Compare Prices

The pros are apparent, the cons too. The Egadgetsly Amazon store doesn’t always have the lowest prices. Sometimes other stores offer to buy it cheaper. To understand where it is more profitable, compare prices using special services. Hence the price difference is rarely a few dollars, and delivery options in other online stores are limited. But suddenly, you manage to find a super-profitable offer? e.g., using

Get Alerts

You can get alerts about such deals. We have automated price dynamics control. OnlinePriceAlert monitors when the price of an item drops to a value you specify and sends an email notification.

Use the Deal of the Day section.

In the Deals of the Day section, you can find an exciting offer. Unfortunately, if you are not just wandering through an online store’s catalog, not knowing where to spend your money, but are looking for a specific product, then this section will not help you. Only Amazon marketers can predict what and when exactly will appear on sale.

Buy at “Garage Sales

A store section containing items customers have returned to the store. The returns are very different, for example, damaged packaging or a minor cosmetic defect. There is a risk of buying a product you will not like, but if you carefully read the descriptions and spend time searching, you will get a completely new thing at a bargain price.

Buy Extra

The Outlet section is a treasure trove that stores surplus items left after-sales. Sometimes the prices are lower than the actual sales. So before buying anything, check if there are analogs in this section of the online store.

Use Coupons

Check out the Coupons section before shopping or installing a browser plugin, so you don’t forget about this feature. You can save from a few cents to several tens of dollars. 

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

For Amazon Prime members, some items are priced significantly lower. In addition, fast and free shipping is available. You can enjoy the benefits of a subscription for free for a month. So, after a year, you get the right to re-subscribe for free. But, all this is for residents of the United States. The way out is to use the services of intermediaries to deliver parcels so that purchases arrive at the address indicated by them and then go to you. And don’t forget to exit the program after a month. So you don’t get charged for a year ($99).

Postpone the Purchase

The Wish List exists not only for convenience but also for savings. Add products to your wishlist and wait. Amazon may offer a discount on selected items if you hesitate to purchase for some time. Of course, this method does not always work; you may not wait to buy cheaper. But if you have the time, why not give it a try?

How much did you manage to save while purchasing cheaper items on Amazon? Share secrets!

Best Amazon Deals on Your Favorite Products!

amazon deals


Amazon is the largest retail store in the world. Its trading platform features over 12 Million positions. E-Marketer reports that Amazon holds nearly half of the e-commerce market in the United States, holding back the growth of other giants, Walmart and eBay. Thus, if you research or plan to buy your favorite products on Amazon, it will be helpful to follow Amazon sales and deals. It is not only about deals but about marketing and branding. It is even best for prime members because Amazon offers them great perks. For instance, one-day free delivery and super fast grocery delivery. To assist you in finding the top Amazon deals, Egadgetsly has compiled a list of products. 

From this blog post, you will find out what products are popular, what to buy, and how they sell on Amazon with specific sales & deals.


Here are the Top-4 Products with the best Amazon deals : 

  • Cosmetic Products such as hair products, decorative masks, and face creams; Manicure products, nail polish, etc. 
  • Fitness & Games products – rubber expanders, yoga mats, water bottles; Board games and puzzles; 
  • Photography products: camera lens, light filters, smartphone stands, tripods, etc. 
  • Pet’s Products

However, the best-selling products are personal care, games, and sporting goods. Why? Let’s take a closer look. 

Personal Care & Cosmetic Products 

On Amazon, You can find the best beauty sales and deals because personal care products and cosmetics are always in demand. Find a new product and save money with coupons, discounts, subscribe, save, and other offers. You do not need to wear a mask and contact people while shopping. You can shop for personal care products such as face masks, nail polish, accessories, and electrical care products through Amazon deals while sitting at home.

Sports and Fitness Equipment

Sports activity is an effective way to brighten up your leisure time. So, it is not surprising that Sports equipment is sold for several billion dollars every year. The sports industry involves billions of people spending on halls, swimming pools, stadiums, etc. And during quarantine, when everything is closed amateur athletes, and just losing weight, are forced to work out at home and buy their equipment. Gyms, treadmills, dumbbells, expanders, mats, and fashionable eco-bottles have gone into action. Thanks to this, sports goods got to the top of sales on Amazon. You can save up to 38 % on perfect fitness workout essentials and sports goods through Amazon sale and deals. 

Photography products

Photography is a mass hobby. So everything related to it is in high demand. During quarantine, people have more time to take pictures. Now they want to buy additional lenses for phones and cameras, light filters, smartphone stands, and tripods. At Egadgetsly, they can find the best deals and sales on Amazon products. Thousands of brands are available to browse and discover.

mobile phone stands for vehicle
Pets Products

Pet products, like food, are traditionally popular products. The increase in sales is due to the general “moving” of offline trading to the Internet. Why go to the store when you can get everything you need from the comfort of your home? Egadgetsly has a beautiful range of Amazon pet deals to choose from.  

The bottom line is that e-commerce experts say that even after the pandemic, Amazon deals and sales will continue to grow.