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How to Fix Scratches on Laminate Floors

How to Fix Scratches on Laminate Floors

Are you finding a way how to fix scratches on laminate floors? Read this blog post because repairing scratches on laminate flooring is a top search for most people nowadays. However, its popularity rose due to its resistivity and reliability. Although laminate floors are famous for being scratch-resistant, every type of floor requires regular maintenance. Floors have to bear the weight of heavy furniture, and some of them have sharp edges as well. It causes scratches on laminate floors, which can be deep or shallow. Fixing the shallow ones isn’t the problem; it’s the deep ones that need the effort to repair. Following are some of the hacks you could try out for the laminate scratch repair process.

Identifying and Repairing: how to Fix Scratches On Laminate Floors!

Superficial scratches on laminate floors do not penetrate the floor’s depth, making them easier to repair. Recognizing such blemishes could take some work because you don’t notice them quickly. So what can you do to identify them? Try running your fingernails on the floor, and promptly feel the scratch. Since they won’t require any significant repair, you could use products like a marker or wax for simple laminate scratch repair.

Match the Color

Using the marker to fill in for the more minor scratches is a reliable and cheap option. You can buy putty to fill in the gaps for the deeper scratches on laminate floors. However, make sure that whatever choice you choose, the colour should match the floors. Shades that don’t go with the floor colour may look odd. As users, you spend so much money installing the flooring you desire, and you wouldn’t want mismatched colours on the floors to get rid of scratches. Make sure to spend enough time choosing the right colours for laminate scratch repair.

6 Most efficient methods: How to fix scratches on laminate floors!

Let’s look at some of the ways you could conduct a laminate scratch repair yourself at home.

Using a Pen or Marker

We have discussed that markers and pens are a decent option for repairing laminate flooring. All you have to do is identify the location of scratches, choose the right colour marker/pen, and colour in the small gap. To give a natural effect, rub a cloth or finger in that area after colouring to end the colour with the floor.

Applying Putty

Purchase putty with the same colour as the floor and apply it to fill the scratches on laminate floors. Putty has excellent properties that fill in the gaps and obliterate a floor’s imperfections.

Using Wax

Wax sticks come in different colours as well. However, it requires a little more effort in application than markers and pens. You have to take a lighter or match stick to burn the candle so that the wax melts. Take the melted wax, drop it on the scratches, and keep doing it until the scratches are filled with resin. To get rid of excess product, use a sharp object such as a knife of steel scale to level the wax with the laminate floor.


Who knew that your kids’ crayons could help you repair laminate flooring? Crayons are just like wax, and melt them and apply the melted product onto the scratches. Always use a color that matches the laminate floor to fix scratches on laminate floors. Use a cloth to rub the stain to blend in with the floor.

Burn-In Sticks

Another option to learn how to fix scratches on laminate floors is burn-in-sticks. They are mostly available with the manufacturer who created your laminate floors. But you can only use them for deep scratches and not for superficial ones. Heat the stick and start applying it to the scratched area. The results are incredible, and you won’t be able to identify which part was struck.

New Plank

Here is the last option, how to fix scratches on laminate floors. When all the other ways are of no use and the scratches are too deep, you’re left with no other option but to install a new Plank. You can watch some tutorial videos and learn how to do it yourself.

How to prevent scratches on your floor

Make your furniture scratch-proof. Always be careful while moving the furniture around in the house. Dragging is the biggest reason for scratches on laminate floors. Place rugs or mats below the couches to prevent scratches developed from the feet of the sofas. Also, the sharp edges can ruin your perfect flooring easily. Take precautions while bringing new couches, tables, chairs, etc., into the house to fix scratches on laminate floors.


In conclusion, the laminate floors are a good choice for your interiors, and they have excellent quality, making them even more desirable to customers. This blog gave a glimpse of how to maintain and start repairing laminate flooring yourself. It does require a little effort, but it’s not an impossible task.



How to remove scratches from laminate flooring?

Notice the scratches on the floor by figuring out what type of scratches are. Remove the scratches using different things like markers, wax, or putty.

How to repair laminate floor scratches?

Take a marker with the same colour as that of the floor and fill it in with the scratches. You could even use wax as it gives off a natural effect. Putty is an excellent option for deep scratches.

How do you get surface scratches out of laminate flooring?

Surface scratches aren’t deep so they won’t need any significant repair. A few things like markers and wax will do fine for surface scratches.

How do you remove scratches from glossy laminate flooring?

Take WD-40, apply it on a dry cloth, and rub it gently on the laminate floor. It ensures that the floor won’t lose its shine and glossiness.

How do you fix a scratched floor?

Shallow scratches won’t be a bother, and it’s the deep scratches that are hectic. Take a new plank and learn how to install it in case of highly damaged flooring.

Where To Store Vacuum Cleaner in a Small House?

Are you thinking about where to store the Vacuum Cleaners in a small house? It’s not so tricky because a vacuum is never an issue in a home until you realize that you have no vacuum cleaner storage space. Vacuum cleaners have made cleaning so easy that it is impossible to survive without them. Almost every home, big or small, owns a vacuum, and customers buy them depending on the type of floors and space area they have. Big canister vacuums are usually on top of the list for big houses. For smaller areas like an apartment, a cordless upright vacuum is preferred. This article shines a light on different vacuum cleaner storage ideas to solve your storage issues immediately.

The importance of storing vacuum cleaners

Everyone at home thinks where to store the Vacuum Cleaners in a small house? Vacuums inevitably need proper storage space. Vacuums look like powerful devices that suck every dirt particle to shine the place. But, we often forget that they are delicate pieces of equipment that require proper care. They need their own space where they aren’t going to get scratched or broken easily. Also, Leaving them standing in the corner gives a very untidy look, plus vacuums with long cords give an even messier appearance. That is why users must make arrangements for proper vacuum cleaner storage.

Factors You Should Consider Before Deciding The Storage Space-Where to Store Vacuum Cleaners in a Small House

Where to store the Vacuum Cleaner in a small house? Here are a couple of things users must keep in their mind before deciding on storage space:

Available Space

It would help if you studied your home before deciding which area is suitable for vacuum cleaner storage. Look around in the kitchen, hallway, bedrooms, closets, store, vacuum storage cabinet, and the other regions to know which place will be safe for the machine.

Vacuum Cleaner Size

Vacuums come in so many different sizes and shapes. Before buying one, measure the available space you might have in mind for storing the vacuum. If it still doesn’t fit, you need to create the room accordingly.

Usage of the vacuum

If you use the vacuum daily, it would be good to create a vacuum cleaner storage that is near, and it’s easy to get the vacuum out of that space.

Helpful tips and ideas about where to store vacuum cleaners in a small house!

Here are some valuable tips that could give you helpful vacuum cleaner storage ideas:

  • Closet space is one of the most convenient places you could find to store a vacuum. Every home has that one closet space suitable for keeping the vacuum properly. You can keep the closet in the store, the guest bedroom, or even below the stairs.
  • The laundry is another excellent place since it’s already an area with other machinery and equipment. Here you don’t need a separate closet; users can keep it in the corner and take it out whenever they need it.
  • Garages can be considered a last resort option. Although it’s not always a top choice since the area isn’t considered a quality space for vacuums. Carrying the vacuum from the garage to the house can be hectic, but many users do it anyway.
  • If you see unused space in your home, fix a hardboard and create a small room for vacuum cleaner storage.

What are the Perfect Places where you can Store Your vacuum cleaners in a small house?

There are many places for storing your best vacuum cleaner; users need to find the perfect one in their home. A safe place where the machine will not harm, scratched, or broken easily. In a big house, you get many vacuum cleaner storage ideas. But it’s a little tricky in small apartments. Following are some of the things you could consider:

  • Lightweight vacuums can easily hang on doors and walls. Buy the correct type of hooks to turn the vacuum safely.
  • Try clearing a separate vacuum storage cabinet in the kitchen with low traffic. It’s an ideal space for hiding your best vacuums from plain sight.
  • The area under your bed, kitchen sinks, under the stairs are great options for vacuum cleaner storage ideas.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, storing a vacuum is as essential as purchasing the right one that suits your home. Users need to figure out all the factors before bringing the machine home. Sometimes you might have to think out of the box to arrange a perfect vacuum cleaner storage space. Whatever the case may be, it’s significant that your vacuum has its own comfortable, safe space to sit in when not in use.

FAQ’S Related to Storing Vacuum Cleaner

Where to Store Vacuum Cleaners in a small House?

Always measure the size of the area you have in mind for storing the vacuum. It’s a necessary step before deciding which vacuum cleaner you want to purchase. If there is no space available, create your area using a hardboard to make a protective space for the machine.

How do I keep my vacuum fresh?

An easy and cheap way is to make a solution using baking soda and water. Take a clean cloth and wipe the canister, hose, and filter properly to remove any dirt or debris stuck in it. Once it’s cleaned, rinse the vacuum parts with water and leave them to dry for at least a day.

How do you clean and store a vacuum cleaner?

Follow the tips below to ensure the vacuum is always fresh and clean :

  • Replace the bag regularly. It stops the heavy accumulation of dirt and debris in the bag.
  • Always clean the brush roll since hair and thread are easily tangled. It stops the suction process.
  • Clean the filters regularly and store the vacuum in a safe area. It protects it from damage.

What should you not do with a vacuum?

A vacuum isn’t suitable for everything that comes in its way. Many things could damage the inside of the void, which includes pieces of glass, coins, hair, wet food, gravel, etc.

Where do people store their Dyson vacuum?

Usually, spaces like closets, laundry rooms, and even kitchen shelves are great places for Dyson vacuums.

Where should I put my vacuum cleaner in my house?

Depending on the size of the vacuum, arrange a suitable vacuum storage space accordingly. Consider factors such as safety and comfort for your vacuum.


What is the Best way to Clean Car Floor Mats?

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to keep the vehicle in excellent condition. It’s not just the car’s working you need to focus on; cleanliness and good display are essential factors to consider. Although you could get the car professionally cleaned, learning to do it yourself is better. If we talk about the inside of the vehicle, the floor mats accumulate the most dust and dirt, which is not hygienic. Pick a good car floor mat cleaner that could suck up all the dirt and mess.

To get a better idea of the best way to clean car mats, learn about the different tools used for cleaning rubber floor mats and which one is the best car floor mat cleaner. Let us discuss a few simple steps to help you make the car mats spotless.

General Cleaning

Before starting the cleaning process:

  • Study the best way to clean car mats.
  • Never scrub or wash the rugs inside the car.
  • Ensure to remove them from the vehicle and soak them in a separate area.

You don’t want to damage the car’s interior with any water and certainly don’t want the water to get in places that could cause permanent car damage. Always protect the clutch, brakes, and engine from foam and soapy products.

Some cars don’t have removable mats, so you need to clean the inside. You have no other choice but to be very careful while using cleaning products inside the car. Get a car floor mat cleaner that effectively removes crumbs and small particles.


Before preparing the mats for washing:

  • Vacuum them to remove all dirt and debris or any crumbs accumulated.
  • Put a little bit of baking soda on the spots and stains, let it sit for 10-20 minutes, and vacuum the powder.
  • After sweeping, please pick up the mats and give them a shake to remove any dust remaining.

You don’t want to use a car floor mat cleaner before cleaning as it might create more mess.

Cleaning rubber floor mats

Rubber mats are an excellent option for cars. They are more convenient than mats made from fibre as they don’t absorb too much moisture. For citizens living in northern snowy areas, rubber mats will be a lie saver for you. Also, rubber mats don’t accumulate dirt and dust like the others; cleaning them won’t be a bit hectic. 

Below are some of the methods suggested for cleaning mats:

Using Carpet Cleaners to Clean Car Floor Mats

Purchase the correct tools and car floor mat cleaners to simplify the job. The market is full of various cleaning products that suit your car’s interior. Don’t mistake using kitchen cleaning products. 

Using a Steam Cleaning Vacuum

One of the great benefits of using a steam vacuum in the car is that you’ll get cleaner carpets and sanitized and germ-free car floor mats. If you have kids, you’ll want to make your car child-friendly. Steam vacuum kills germs and bacteria, making your vehicle safe from odour and spreading illnesses. Try to use steam vacuums since they are the best way to clean car mats.

Using Dry Vacuum

Using car detailing vacuums, get rid of food crumbs, dust, hair, and other small particles. Steam cleaners involve water for deep cleaning purposes. Use dry vacuums daily if the car mats are prone to getting dirty quickly.

Using Baking Soda

Baking sodas are excellent car floor mat cleaners and are a cheap method for getting rid of stubborn stains. Try baking soda if your car floor mats have stains and spots that aren’t coming off. Sprinkle some on the colors and leave for a few minutes. Vacuum the soda, and you’ll notice that the stains are gone.

Vacuum the Mats again

After washing the mats, leave them to dry correctly. Never place wet carpets in the car because water could seep in other parts.

Dry mats thoroughly

Never skip this step because wet mats create a lot of moisture that attracts terrible odor and bacteria.

For long-term maintenance, the cleaning process should be performed regularly. Only regular care can assure excellent hygiene and cleanliness. Always keep your eye on the best car floor mat cleaners and use them to wash mats at home. Cleaning rubber floor mats also requires effort, and therefore users who want the carpets to sparkle should know all the cleaning steps on their fingertips.

FAQs related to Car Floor Mat Cleaning

How to clean car floor mats?

Search for the best car floor mat cleaner and wash mats regularly. In the case of rubber mats, learn all the tips and tricks and the most authentic products that give good results.

How to wash mats at home?

Remove the mats from the car and place them in a separate area. Please do not wash them while putting them inside. You can clean them in the garage, driveway, or another convenient place.

How to clean car mats at home?

The best way to clean car floor mats at home is by using cleaning products that we use in our daily routine. Find a car floor mat cleaner and wash the carpets every two weeks.

Which is the best cleaner for car mats?

Baking soda, without a doubt, is the best car floor mat cleaner, and it gets rid of odors and stains like magic.

How to clean car mats with nasty stains?

Sprinkle a little baking soda on the stains, leave it for 20 minutes, and vacuum it off the mat. Baking soda gets rid of even the most stubborn stains on carpets.

How should I clean mats in my house?

A garage or driveway are good options. However, people who live in flats could also use their kitchen or laundry room for cleaning.

How to Clean Between Car Seats-A Complete Guide?

How to clean between car seats-a complete guide is a detailed discussion you are looking for.? Cleaning between car seats is no less than a hassle, and it makes you frustrated and tired quickly. But what makes spaces between the car seats so dirty in the first place? It’s normal for people to buy food items and enjoy them while in the car, and it accumulates a lot of crumbs on the seat and between the seat spaces. Many other things such as hair, stains, spill marks may go unnoticed due to their peculiar location between and under the seats.

Cleaning your car from the inside is as essential as sparking it outside, and that is why users should learn tricks and tips to make the inside of their car look new. You can even purchase a car seat vacuum to complete the task more straightforwardly. To better understand the whole car cleaning process, let’s answer a few questions:

Removing Car Seats — Is It Necessary?

Removing the seats is entirely a user’s choice. It depends on how clean you want your car to be. Some may wish the exterior to look as good as new and don’t bother with the places that go unnoticed. However, others may feel like getting those tight spaces clean and sparkling. For this purpose, removing the seats is mandatory since the area between and below them has the most dirt and dust you could imagine. A lot of vehicles nowadays come with movable seats making cleaning easier. This feature won’t cause you to put in extra effort by following all the seat-removing steps. An auto detailing vacuum will also help you suck the dirt as quickly as possible.

Car Seat Folds and Crevices- How to clean between car seats- a complete guide!

For those of you who have never done this task before, here are a few steps key steps that will help you out:

  • Take an auto detailing vacuum and clean the car seat’s back and bottom. You will eliminate extra hairs and crumbs that won’t accumulate into the folds.
  • After that, attach a crevice tool to the car seat vacuumStart vacuuming the area along the folds. Clean the space between the bottom and back of the seat as thoroughly as possible.
  • Next, use an upholstery cleaner for extra shine and cleaning. Vacuuming is excellent for dirt removal, but this step ensures extra deep cleaning.
  • After that, use a microfiber towel and wipe the car seats to remove any additional product left behind on the seats.
  • Car seats are of two types. They may be fabric or leather, and the cleaning material used depends on what kind of car seats you have.

Car Seats and Console- How to clean between car seats-a complete guide!

If you are not removing the seats, cleaning the area between the console and car seats is difficult. The following steps can help you with this challenging takes;

  • With a car seat vacuum, start vacuuming between the seats and console. But do make sure to remove any change, receipts, or trash before cleaning.
  • Use a compressed air duster to blow out extra dust, particles, and dirt from the narrow spaces.
  • Users may notice some stains on the console, which won’t come out unless you use a steam cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the steamed stains.

How to Clean Seat Rails?

If you’re having issues adjusting the seats, the first thought would be that they are jammed. But most of the time, that is not the case. Dirt and debris are accumulated and stop the seat rail’s adjustment. So what can you do to prevent this?

  • With an auto detailing vacuum, start vacuuming around the car seats. Push the chair to move it to the front so that the backspace is more visible and you can clean it properly.
  • Use a bristle brush to sweep the dust under the seat and move it in your direction. You can vacuum the dirt later.
  • Push the seat from the front to the back direction and repeat the process in the front part.
  • In the end, lubricate the rails so that seats can slide easier than before.

how-to-clean-back seats

How to clean between car seats? A complete guide!

This process is more accessible than the rest.

  • Start with the removal of the beach and back parts of the seat.
  • With an auto detailing vacuumclean the area underneath the seats.
  • For cleaning the seats, repeat the same process as we did for the front seats.

How Do You Vacuum A Small Crevice In A Car?

A compressed air duster with its powerful blowing air is probably the best choice you have in this case. It will remove any crumbs and dirt as quickly as it can.

How Do You Get Crumbs Out Of A Crevice?

First, use an auto detailing vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris. After that, use an old toothbrush and disinfect it to get rid of tiny crumbs and germs from the small crevice space.

How do you clean the space between the seat and centre console?

Since the area around a console, it is difficult to get rid of dirt with seat removal; a compressed air duster can be excellent in such a situation. It blows out the dirt and dust very easily and quickly.

How Can I Make an Old Dashboard Shine?

Many polishes and cleaners are available that can shine and sparkle the dashboard. Just dip some polish on a microfiber cloth, rub it on the dashboard and wipe it off to remove extra residue.

Advantages of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners | The Most Versatile Vacuum Cleaner

Why do we need a Vacuum Cleaner?

Our living standards are changing day by day as technology is evolving. Every home or office needs a good vacuum cleaner. Numerous vacuum cleaners are available in the market. They are coming in many shapes and sizes. Nowadays it’s mandatory to have a vacuum cleaner because it’s the basic need of every home or office. Typical or bulky vacuum cleaners aren’t perfect for many spaces or many kinds of messes around like pet’s hair that are difficult to clean from the couch or to clean dirt and debris from the corners of the couch. There are different types of vacuum cleaners available to clean different types of dust and dirt and the handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the types of vacuum cleaners.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

As there are various vacuum cleaners that are available in the market today. They are categorized into different types of vacuum cleaners. Some of them are mentioned below. Each class is segregated according to the various functions they perform.

  • Handheld: most adorable, reduced in size, and have batteries to power up.
  • Canisters: more flexible, motor, and dust collector mounted on wheels.
  • Uprights: the most typical model that has a handle and bag attached with the cleaning head.
  • Sticks: most probably as canister vacuums, have long stick at the cleaning head.
  • Autonomous/robots: use artificial intelligence to collect dust and dispose of it in the trash.

What are the Handheld Vacuum Cleaners?

As the name implies, they are a small, portable, and versatile version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. It has its own pros and cons. They are the most versatile vacuum cleaner at present and come with many accessories along with it. When it comes to its functions, there are many reasons to have a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

There are so many benefits of using a handheld vacuum cleaner over the typical or traditional ones. There are some benefits that are listed below,

1.       Reduced Size:

There is very much small in size and occupies less space. They are easily adjustable in kitchen racks, draws, and cupboards after cleaning, where it isn’t very easy for the bulky vacuum cleaner. Some of its variants are so small that they could easily fit into the pocket.

2.       Light-weight:

The weight of the handheld vacuum cleaners is reduced because of their smaller size. They are easy to carry and much effective when a person is moving on the stairs while vacuuming the floor. The chance of falling is reduced as compared to bulky vacuum cleaners. This makes it easier for the quick on spot vacuuming.

3.       Easy to use:

Another advantage of the handheld is that they were easy to use for every age type because of their small size and less weight, especially for the kid and older person. They can contribute to cleaning as they are weightless and small; the chance of damage is reduced if dropped. These attributes make the handheld vacuum cleaner, the most versatile vacuum cleaner.

4.        Portable:

The handheld vacuum cleaner is portable as they are compact. Portability is one of the greatest advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners, as they can easily fit into carrying-bags. Some of its variants are cordless, so there is no probability of damage. In addition to that, you can use it according to your needs anywhere and anytime.

5.       Easy Maintenance:

Maintenance of a handheld vacuum cleaner is very easy. As there are many models of handheld vacuum cleaners that are bagless, so users don’t have to buy extra bags. You can dispose of your waste in the trash after cleaning the surface, and you are ready to clean the next mess. Also, they come along with a small portable filter that is easy to change and seldom needs repair.

6.       Multi-surface Cleaning:

Handheld Vacuum cleaners can clean many things that are not possible with large vacuums. While we have gone through several advantages, another advantage is that you can vacuum over the wooden floor that is not possible for the larger vacuum cleaners because of the difficulty of moving over the floor and can cause stains/impairment over the floor.

7.       Help to recover lost tiny objects:

The handheld vacuum cleaner is very helpful in finding the lost tiny objects, just slightly slide over the region, and it will suck up the lost object to its container.

8.       High Efficiency:

An assumption comes to mind as they are reduced in size, so they are not as powerful as ordinary vacuum cleaners are. They are much powerful and able to clean the region with higher efficiency. Just make sure while buying the handheld vacuum cleaner that it is running on above 4amps, so it doesn’t ignore anything to clean.

Final Thoughts

People who look for a vacuum cleaner have various types to select from. They look different, function in different ways, have different efficiency, and are used for different purposes. Now it depends on a person’s specific needs, what kind of vacuum cleaner they are looking for. Some are trying to find the Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets, while others are trying to find the Pocket-Friendly Best Vacuum Cleaners under $200. People having wooden floors are looking for the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Wooden Floors, and some are looking maybe for vacuum cleaners that work efficiently on stairs.