Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 Review- A Top-Tier Product!

The debate of choosing the new Dell XPS 13 is still the same. This product is the best choice for customers due to its unique features. For instance, it is a thin & light ultimate Ultra-portable device. As a result, this laptop is a real head-turner because of its premium manufacturing and appearance. The design is slim and attractive with a luxury feel and a titan gray finish. The product offers many features, but long battery life is one of the core benefit. You can use the option of a small external battery in case of a low battery. Even though it is not among the cheapest portables available, it has many users’ value. It is the top-selling product on Amazon

This blog post will describe the core features of the Dell XPS 13, such as a bigger screen, extra power, and many more. 

Dell XPS 13 Features:

One of the most popular Windows laptops is Dell XPS 13. These are small, robust products with slim bezels. It reduces eye fatigue with comfort view features. Here is the complete detail of the product with pros and cons. 

  • Touch screen laptop 
  • Sleek and beautifully designed  
  • It has 16GB of memory (4267MHz LPDDR4x)
  • Dual Fans with advanced thermal design 
  • BLUETOOTH WITH 4.0 Audio
  • With a 20% increase in contrast ratio over the previous model,
  • Latest intel dynamic tuning technology 
  • Long Battery life 
  • Log on with the power button 
  • A built-in Lid sensor 
  • Eyesafe Display
  • Connect with up to three displays at a time. 

Pros : 

  • Outstanding Portability 
  • Its design is attractive and durable 
  • World’s first infinity display 
  • It Keeps you energized for long days at work due to its battery. 
  • Lightweight and in the small form 
  • Standout keyboard and touchpad.
  • Wide viewing angles 
  • The soft-touch carbon fiber material 
  • Affordable 

Cons : 

  • When the keyboard is overworked, it gets hot.
  • Sometimes it becomes noisy.
  • Lacks numeric keyboard 
  • The limited number of ports.

In conclusion, the Dell XPS 13 is a luxurious laptop with long battery life and the best performance. As a result, some people may not be interested in purchasing due to the exorbitant price tag. You can get around this by visiting our website to buy the best Dell XPS 13 laptop at an affordable price. 



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