4 Best Gliding Mouse Pads to Buy in 2023

best gliding mouse pad

Unlike regular mouse pads, gliding mouse pads are designed to provide a smooth and consistent surface for your mouse to move on. These mouse pads are specifically useful for gamers, as they help in improving the accuracy and speed of your mouse movements. However, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is the gliding mouse pad best for you. But don’t worry because, in this review guide, we are bringing to you the 4 best gliding mouse pads on the market. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Gliding Mouse Pad

  • Surface Material: 

When looking for the best gliding mouse pad, always consider buying a mouse pad with a smooth, low-friction surface to ensure smooth and precise cursor movement.

  • Size: 

Consider getting your hands on a mouse pad that is large enough to accommodate your mouse movements. However, it should be so large in size that it takes up too much space on your desk.

  • Style: 

If aesthetics are important to you, consider the style of the mouse pad and whether it will fit in with the rest of your desk setup.

  • Thickness: 

Always consider the thickness of the mouse pad, as a thicker mousepad provides more comfort for your wrist and hand.

  • Non-Slip Backing: 

Make sure the mouse pad you are considering buying has a non-slip backing to keep it securely in place on your desk.

  • Compatibility with Your Mouse: 

Some mouse pads are designed specifically for use with certain types of mice, such as optical or laser mice. Therefore, you need to make sure the mouse pad you choose is compatible with your mouse.

  • Durability: 

You definitely don’t want to invest in a mousepad after every several months. Therefore, choose a mouse pad that is durable and can last for a long time.

  • Price: 

Always consider your budget when choosing a mouse pad. There are many options available at different price points. So make to get one that’s under your budget and offers the best value. 


Best Gliding Mouse Pad Review

  1. SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad

At number 1 on our best gliding mouse pad list, we have the SteelSeries QcK+ mouse pad. This gaming mouse pad is a popular choice among PC gamers. Known for its durability and smooth surface, SteelSeries QcK+ is definitely a great pad for the glide mouse. 

SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad


Made from high-quality material, SteelSeries QcK+ is designed to provide a consistent and accurate tracking surface for your mouse. Moreover, the pad is quite thick and has a non-slip rubber base to keep it in place during use.

Another great thing about this best-rated mouse pad is that it has a large size, which makes it suitable for both low and high-sensitivity settings. In addition, it is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Furthermore, the smooth surface of the SteelSeries QcK+ is perfect for both optical and laser mice.


  • Glides smoothly
  • Sturdy construction
  • Offers lots of room
  • Very cheap


  • Gets dirty easily 
  • Hard to clean
  1. Cooler Master Masteraccessory Mouse Pad

Another great gliding mouse pad that you can buy on a decent budget is the Cooler Master MP750. The most amazing thing about this gaming mouse pad is its RGB feature which offers minimal fading and max illumination. 

To provide stability while gaming, this mouse pad features a non-slip rubberized base which ensures that it remains in place. Even the stitching of the mouse pad is pretty top-notch, offering extra comfort to you during long, intense gaming sessions.

Cooler Master Masteraccessory Mouse Pad

What’s even more amazing about Cooler Master MP750 is that it has a water-repellent coating that helps in preventing splash damage. 

All in all, a good quality gliding mouse pad that you can buy to take your gaming to the next level. 


  • Offers super accurate tracking
  • Solid feel and smooth finish
  • Comes along with cushioning for wrists
  • Anti-slip and splash-resistant


  • Attracts dirt easily
  • Offers a strong foam smell
  1. Razer Firefly V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

For the 3rd spot, on our best gliding mouse pad list, we have the Razer Firefly V2. This high-end gaming mouse pad is designed to provide a smooth and precise surface for the gaming mouse. It features a smooth micro-textured surface that is good for both laser and optical mice. Moreover, there is a steady anti-slip rubber base to keep it in place during use.

Razer Firefly V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

One of the good things about Razer Firefly V2 is the RGB lighting customization. The mouse pad has a full spectrum of Chroma RGB lighting that you can customize through the Razer Synapse software. 

In terms of use, the Razer Firefly V2 generally has good reviews from users. However, the customizable lighting may not be as bright as some users may prefer.


  • Offers a very smooth feel
  • Works great
  • Rubber gripping to avoid sliding
  • Great lighting effects around the edges


  • Gliding the mouse along can be loud
  • Lacks a bit of height
  1. HyperX Pulsefire RGB Mouse Pad

For the last spot, we are picking the HyperX Pulsefire RGB mouse pad. If you are on the quest for a high-quality mouse pad with a sleek, stylish design, this one is for you. What makes this mouse pad a great choice for gamers is the level of comfort that it offers.

HyperX Pulsefire RGB Mouse Pad

Another incredible thing about the HyperX Pulsefire RGB mouse pad is its RGB lighting, which adds a stylish touch to your desk setup and can be customized using HyperX NGenuity software. The mouse pad also has an anti-slip rubber base for enhanced user experience. Moreover, has a smooth surface that provides precise tracking during gaming.

In terms of durability, the HyperX Pulsefire RGB Mouse Pad is built to last and can withstand wear and tear. It’s also easy to clean, making it a great choice for users who need a mouse pad that can handle heavy use.


  • Easy tracking and flick shots
  • Thick material
  • The backing prevents the mousepad from sliding around
  • Feels very sturdy


  • A little pricey
  • Has a strong chemical odor

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