How to Fix Scratches on Laminate Floors

How to Fix Scratches on Laminate Floors

How to Fix Scratches on Laminate Floors

Are you finding a way how to fix scratches on laminate floors? Read this blog post because repairing scratches on laminate flooring is a top search for most people nowadays. However, its popularity rose due to its resistivity and reliability. Although laminate floors are famous for being scratch-resistant, every type of floor requires regular maintenance. Floors have to bear the weight of heavy furniture, and some of them have sharp edges as well. It causes scratches on laminate floors, which can be deep or shallow. Fixing the shallow ones isn’t the problem; it’s the deep ones that need the effort to repair. Following are some of the hacks you could try out for the laminate scratch repair process.

Identifying and Repairing: how to Fix Scratches On Laminate Floors!

Superficial scratches on laminate floors do not penetrate the floor’s depth, making them easier to repair. Recognizing such blemishes could take some work because you don’t notice them quickly. So what can you do to identify them? Try running your fingernails on the floor, and promptly feel the scratch. Since they won’t require any significant repair, you could use products like a marker or wax for simple laminate scratch repair.

Match the Color

Using the marker to fill in for the more minor scratches is a reliable and cheap option. You can buy putty to fill in the gaps for the deeper scratches on laminate floors. However, make sure that whatever choice you choose, the colour should match the floors. Shades that don’t go with the floor colour may look odd. As users, you spend so much money installing the flooring you desire, and you wouldn’t want mismatched colours on the floors to get rid of scratches. Make sure to spend enough time choosing the right colours for laminate scratch repair.

6 Most efficient methods: How to fix scratches on laminate floors!

Let’s look at some of the ways you could conduct a laminate scratch repair yourself at home.

Using a Pen or Marker

We have discussed that markers and pens are a decent option for repairing laminate flooring. All you have to do is identify the location of scratches, choose the right colour marker/pen, and colour in the small gap. To give a natural effect, rub a cloth or finger in that area after colouring to end the colour with the floor.

Applying Putty

Purchase putty with the same colour as the floor and apply it to fill the scratches on laminate floors. Putty has excellent properties that fill in the gaps and obliterate a floor’s imperfections.

Using Wax

Wax sticks come in different colours as well. However, it requires a little more effort in application than markers and pens. You have to take a lighter or match stick to burn the candle so that the wax melts. Take the melted wax, drop it on the scratches, and keep doing it until the scratches are filled with resin. To get rid of excess product, use a sharp object such as a knife of steel scale to level the wax with the laminate floor.


Who knew that your kids’ crayons could help you repair laminate flooring? Crayons are just like wax, and melt them and apply the melted product onto the scratches. Always use a color that matches the laminate floor to fix scratches on laminate floors. Use a cloth to rub the stain to blend in with the floor.

Burn-In Sticks

Another option to learn how to fix scratches on laminate floors is burn-in-sticks. They are mostly available with the manufacturer who created your laminate floors. But you can only use them for deep scratches and not for superficial ones. Heat the stick and start applying it to the scratched area. The results are incredible, and you won’t be able to identify which part was struck.

New Plank

Here is the last option, how to fix scratches on laminate floors. When all the other ways are of no use and the scratches are too deep, you’re left with no other option but to install a new Plank. You can watch some tutorial videos and learn how to do it yourself.

How to prevent scratches on your floor

Make your furniture scratch-proof. Always be careful while moving the furniture around in the house. Dragging is the biggest reason for scratches on laminate floors. Place rugs or mats below the couches to prevent scratches developed from the feet of the sofas. Also, the sharp edges can ruin your perfect flooring easily. Take precautions while bringing new couches, tables, chairs, etc., into the house to fix scratches on laminate floors.


In conclusion, the laminate floors are a good choice for your interiors, and they have excellent quality, making them even more desirable to customers. This blog gave a glimpse of how to maintain and start repairing laminate flooring yourself. It does require a little effort, but it’s not an impossible task.



How to remove scratches from laminate flooring?

Notice the scratches on the floor by figuring out what type of scratches are. Remove the scratches using different things like markers, wax, or putty.

How to repair laminate floor scratches?

Take a marker with the same colour as that of the floor and fill it in with the scratches. You could even use wax as it gives off a natural effect. Putty is an excellent option for deep scratches.

How do you get surface scratches out of laminate flooring?

Surface scratches aren’t deep so they won’t need any significant repair. A few things like markers and wax will do fine for surface scratches.

How do you remove scratches from glossy laminate flooring?

Take WD-40, apply it on a dry cloth, and rub it gently on the laminate floor. It ensures that the floor won’t lose its shine and glossiness.

How do you fix a scratched floor?

Shallow scratches won’t be a bother, and it’s the deep scratches that are hectic. Take a new plank and learn how to install it in case of highly damaged flooring.

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