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How To See Who I Recently Followed on Instagram In 2023

How To See Who I Recently Followed on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years. For many people, Instagram isn’t just a place to post pictures and stories, it’s also a way to discover new accounts to follow and keep up with your friends and family members. Following other users is an important part of the experience, but you may be wondering how to see who I recently followed on Instagram. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take to find out who you’ve been following lately. In this blog post, we will be sharing with you the ways through which you can find out what Instagram accounts you recently followed.

Why Does Someone Want to Know Who He Recently Followed on Instagram?

Knowing who you have recently followed is a key part of keeping up with your interactions and relationships on the platform. It’s also a useful tool for staying aware of how many accounts you are following and ensuring that they align with your personal interests.

Having an understanding of who you follow on Instagram makes it much easier to stay engaged with those accounts and individuals in particular. Moreover, by knowing that, users can more effectively curate their content feed by paying attention to which posts resonate most with them, as well as monitoring any changes in their followers’ postings or activities. Additionally, it allows users to better interact with those they have chosen to follow, such as liking photos or commenting when appropriate.

Does Instagram Reveal Who You Recently Followed?

Through, Instagram does let you know who you are following but it doesn’t exactly let you know who you’ve recently followed. 

The only way you can find out who you recently followed on Instagram within Instagram is by going to your profile. 

There, you can view the list of people that you follow, as well as those who follow you back. You can find the list of all the accounts that you follow in the “Following” tab.

Within the “Following” tab, you can find the sort filter. Choose the sort option “Date Followed: Latest” and it will sort out all the accounts from latest followed to earliest followed.  

However, there is no way within Instagram that can tell when you started following those accounts.

How To See Recently Followed Accounts On Instagram?

Though Instagram doesn’t give you the details about who you recently followed, there are Instagram activity trackers like Snoop Report that you can use to track every activity of your Instagram account including finding out who you recently started following.

Using Snoop Report to find recently followed accounts on Instagram is super easy. You just need to create an account and purchase any of the monthly plans, starting from $4.99. 

Once you are done with subscription and account activation, simply add your Instagram profile to it and you can start tracking all the activities of your Instagram account. Moreover, you can receive weekly reports that include details of the account you recently started following.

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